Nous avons la solution aux problèmes de votre entreprise.
Soyez compétitif sur le marché de l'emploi, distinguez-vous de vos homologues avec des certifications.

SOFT-ELITE is an IT service company which offers a wide range of innovative IT solutions …

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Provide best quality services and capacity building programs to knowledge-based economy, using a sustainable development approach…

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Deliver simple, effective and efficient solutions, allowing companies of all sizes achieve their objectives and obtain a competitive advantage…

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Professional SEO services

Provide organizations with simple, effective and efficient IT services that would productivity and competitiveness on the world market, based on:

A competent team


Extensive experience in Information Systems

We accompany our clients in the choice of the most suitable ERP solution for their organization, in its implementation and maintenance...

Opt for an electronic document management system to boost your productivity...

Align your core business processes with the right IT strategy...

We assist you in managing quality, risk, time, cost, and communication on your IT projects

Catalogs, shopping cart, inventory management, automated communications, payments by credit card, customer satisfaction…

We offer a variety of services to help you cover all your needs in terms of online presence

In partnership with PayLogic Morocco, we propose a complete electronic banking software suite ( PayWay )

We offer seminars, trainings and certifications designed for companies in the public and private sectors, Individuals, Students...

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